Going Away – Burning man (SSHA) 17/5000 Burning man (USA)

Going Away – Burning man (SSHA) 17/5000 Burning man (USA)

When? August 26-September 3.

Where? Black Rock Desert, Nevada. You can get here by rented car from Reno.

How many? From € 350.

Every year in the desert Black Rock City grows – a city that will disappear without a trace after the end of the festival. Not everyone will decide to visit here – tickets are expensive, and the conditions are close to Spartan: high temperature during the day and cold at night, sandstorms, lack of showers and a limited amount of drinking water. But those who were claim to be another planet. Here you can look the way you want, make new friends from countries and cities that you didn’t even know existed, and get a unique experience of living away from civilization and food abundance.

Money on the territory is practically not used; only coffee and ice can be bought for it. The rest (food, alcohol, souvenirs, services) are exchanged for free by guests.

The festival opens on the last Monday of August at 00:01, and the culmination is considered to be the burning on Saturday of a huge wooden figure of a person (this tradition the festival owes its name). Thousands of installations are installed in the desert for a week – some of them are burned, the rest are then decorated with parks of American cities. Concerts are held as part of the festival, DJs play around the clock on the dance floors. Everything is subject to a theme that changes every year (in 2018 – “I, the robot”).

“Burning Man” is unrealistically cool, but keep in mind that the closest city to the festival location – San Francisco – deserves no less attention. If you want to see this creative and free city through the eyes of a local resident and explore its coolest places, book the Alternative San Francisco excursion.

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