The fastest guitar player in the world

Owning a guitar and playing well are two different things. The virtuoso performance of musical compositions on this instrument requires a long and hard practice and, of course, considerable ability. Some guitarists managed to master the art of string instrument so much that they can rightly be called the best. And in order to get the title of “fastest guitar player in the world”, the musicians train on the orchestra sideshow from Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee”. So which of the guitarists managed to get on the pages of the Book of Records for the ability to quickly play this composition?

Victor Zinchuk

He managed to get the title of “fastest guitar player in the world” and get for this on the pages of the Book of Records (in 2002). It was thanks to the fact that Zinchuk played the famous song in 24 seconds, having played twenty notes in a second, he managed to surprise everyone with his quick play. On average, a musician can play 270 sounds in 60 seconds. The musician speaks of his record, which was entered in the famous book, as a joke or pampering, that is, he does not take this seriously. However, the famous guitarist, composer and arranger has various titles in the field of music, is a laureate of many competitions and festivals, and is even recognized as an Honorary Master in San Marino. He is subject to any direction of music, which he uses, forcing his fans to always admire the combination of various instruments and game techniques. The Zinchuk collection contains rare stringed instruments that he brings home from the tour. Every year, world famous manufacturers of musical instruments present musicians with presentations in the form of guitar equipment or the best guitars.

The skill of one of the fastest guitarists in the world is truly amazing, because he does not play with all his fingers, but uses only nine – all this is due to the fact that the little finger on the musician’s right hand is “non-working” because it was broken when playing soccer. Zinchuk perfectly combines playing the guitar with this sport, speaking for a team of celebrities. But now he insures his hands, which are valued at $ 50,000.

Thiago Della Vega

This Brazilian guitarist managed to surpass Zinchuk by setting a new record for the performance of “Flight of the Bumblebee” – he played 320 sounds in 60 seconds (in 2008). However, he was beaten by American John Taylor, who managed to play the famous melody with a speed of 600 sounds in 60 seconds. Della Vega decided not to give up and go around the new record holder, which he managed to do in 2001 – he played “Flight of the Bumblebee” at a speed of 750 sounds in 60 seconds. And for his efforts and practice, the musician began to be called the fastest guitar player in the world and with this title was placed on the pages of the Book of Records.

However, even at this record performance of the composition, Della Vega, who became interested in music in early childhood and learned to play a stringed musical instrument at the age of five, decided not to “go in cycles”, therefore he persistently continues to train his fingers. For this, he even prefers to travel a lot, visiting various countries of the world, where he holds seminars for fellow musicians. In this case, his main assistant is a seven-string guitar, which has twenty-four frets.

Sergey Putyatov

Despite the phenomenal abilities, Della Vega was left behind, as another musician appeared on the “stage”, setting a new speed for the performance of the composition. It turned out to be a resident of Ukraine Sergey Putyatov, who gives out 30 notes per second (while Della Vega only 24 notes). At first, a Donetsk resident could play the famous melody at a speed of 27 notes per second, but very soon he showed the public that he could play faster by issuing three hundred notes in ten seconds. Then Putyatov was immediately awarded a certificate confirming that in Ukraine the musician is the absolute champion in the speed of playing the guitar.

It’s important to note that listening to a fast guitar game can be quite difficult. For this reason, record-breaking performance speeds are usually captured using a computer when audio tracks are split into separate parts. His pupils, who take private lessons from him, encouraged Sergei to set the record. After they noticed how many notes a teacher can play in a minute, he developed a certain excitement and desire to improve in this area. As a result, he managed to set a real record, which he, by the way, is going to “surpass” – now the Ukrainian has outlined for himself that he will issue 36 notes in a second. Maybe the fact is that the result of the Ukrainian is not officially listed in the famous Book of Records, but to get to its pages oh as you want. Therefore, an application has already been received from him, and now the guitarist is waiting for the corresponding commission to visit him. At the moment, Putyatov continues to hone the technique and speed of the game, ending his next performance with a virtuoso guitar playing.

“We’re Rolling Fun,” – the Teenager was Nominated for Best Actor in a Musical Theater Competition

The local teen form Naperville was nominated for Statewide Acting Award.

Thanks to the play “We’re rolling fun,” 18-year-old Johnny Rabe was nominated for best actor in a musical theater competition in Illinois. As one of 12 nominees in the Best Actor category, Johnny will compete with actors and theater professionals for a place in the New York Theater Music Awards.

“I was on the train that came from the rehearsal of my concert, and while surfing at the Internet looking through different articles, I recall I was reading the art director resume and cover letter on this site I found a few days before: Then suddenly I realized that I received a notification on Instagram:“ You were marked at the post, ”so I realized that it was so, and it was a nomination. And it was great to be able to enter my concert with this knowledge, it was just great,” Rabe said.

The actor, born and raised in Naperville, became interested in art in his youth, even at the age of 12, making his way to the Broadway scene in the role of Ralphie in Christmas history.

Musical Theater Competition

“Being in New York and watching what was happening on Broadway was just unbelievable,” Rabe said. “And I really feel that I really found my place, and I know what I want to do. And that make me so happy to realize that I am at the best possible place I could ever been right now.

Isn’t this what people have been looking for all their life, isn’t that what they seek for? Career trainers, resume writing services, self-educational articles and how to choose one of the most popular resume formats, professional trainings, courses ….

All this is created in order to help a person find his place in life. And I already found it. I know who I am, I know who I was born. And I know what place I belong to. I know who I want to be, and that’s in the theater world.”

 “The happiest thing I ever feel is when I perform on stage and when I can contact one of the viewers, or I have an idea that, in my opinion, is very important, or how to say something important for listeners,” he said.

Illinois Music Theater Awards will be held June 4 in Chicago. If Johnny wins, he will represent Illinois at the National Musical Theater Award Ceremony on June 25th.

Johnny continued to participate in the scene and even moved to the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts in high school. He will complete his studies in just a week and plans to continue his passion for performing at Stanford University in the fall, doubling his specialty in international relations and theater.

Going Away – Burning man (SSHA) 17/5000 Burning man (USA)

When? August 26-September 3.

Where? Black Rock Desert, Nevada. You can get here by rented car from Reno.

How many? From € 350.

Every year in the desert Black Rock City grows – a city that will disappear without a trace after the end of the festival. Not everyone will decide to visit here – tickets are expensive, and the conditions are close to Spartan: high temperature during the day and cold at night, sandstorms, lack of showers and a limited amount of drinking water. But those who were claim to be another planet. Here you can look the way you want, make new friends from countries and cities that you didn’t even know existed, and get a unique experience of living away from civilization and food abundance.

Money on the territory is practically not used; only coffee and ice can be bought for it. The rest (food, alcohol, souvenirs, services) are exchanged for free by guests.

The festival opens on the last Monday of August at 00:01, and the culmination is considered to be the burning on Saturday of a huge wooden figure of a person (this tradition the festival owes its name). Thousands of installations are installed in the desert for a week – some of them are burned, the rest are then decorated with parks of American cities. Concerts are held as part of the festival, DJs play around the clock on the dance floors. Everything is subject to a theme that changes every year (in 2018 – “I, the robot”).

“Burning Man” is unrealistically cool, but keep in mind that the closest city to the festival location – San Francisco – deserves no less attention. If you want to see this creative and free city through the eyes of a local resident and explore its coolest places, book the Alternative San Francisco excursion.

Going Away – Soundwave (Croatia)

When? July 26-30.

Where? The Garden Resort, Petrića Glava 34, Tisno. From July 24 to August 1, transport links with Split and Zadar airports will be organized for festival guests.

How many? 5-day subscriptions for € 125 are on sale, in spring it will be possible to buy a ticket for 1 day.

If you like noisy parties and want to combine a beach holiday with a breakaway, take a look at Croatia. Here, in the city of Tisno on the island of Murter, the festival will be held for the tenth and last time, bringing together artists of various genres: from reggae and hip-hop to house and drum and bass, whose performances will dilute DJ sets and performances. This year’s headliners are Jordan Rakei (Australia), Romare (United Kingdom), Submotion Orchestra (United Kingdom), Horse Meat Disco (United Kingdom), Sons of Kemet (United Kingdom), Riot Jazz Brass Band (United Kingdom).

To combine business with pleasure, we recommend combining a rich night program with an interesting day tour of the old Dubrovnik.

The festival attracts not only with the program, but also with its good location: in the neighborhood there are several national parks and objects from the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as beaches in a secluded bay, ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Going Away – Be #Positivus (Latvia)

When? July 20-22.

Where? Fisherman’s park, Sporta street 6, Salacgriva. For guests of the festival will be organized a transfer from Riga and back.

How many? € 50 for 1 day, € 70 for 2 days, € 80 for 3 days. For children under 10 years old, admission is free.

This is the largest Baltic music festival, which is becoming increasingly popular among fans of indie, pop, folk and electronic music from other European countries. About 30,000 people come to him annually.

Last year, the festival’s headliners were Pixies (USA), Ellie Goulding (Great Britain), Alt-J (Great Britain) and Grandmaster Flash (Barbados). The program of the next festival has not yet been published, it is only known that the Australian singer, songwriter, writer and actor Nick Cave will perform with his rock band The Bad Seeds on the last day. The remaining participants will be announced shortly.

For those who are not afraid of traveling conditions, from July 19 to July 23, camping will work with toilets, showers, kiosks with food and drinks.

On the territory of the festival there will be a fair of handmade products from craftsmen from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. For families with children, they will equip the Kids Island zone, where young festival guests can play while their parents enjoy music.

If this is your first visit to Riga, then we strongly recommend visiting the tour “First Date with Riga” and discovering all its best sides.

Going Away – Sziget (Hungary)

Very soon in Europe the season of festivals and parties will open – tickets for the most popular of them are already on sale and fly off at the speed of light! Want to combine beach and club vacations? Make new friends from different countries? To attend concerts of your favorite artists? We have selected 10 events that are worth paying attention to!

Where? Obuda Island (Óbudai-sziget) in the 3rd district of Budapest. Sziget-Budapest Citypass season ticket holders will be provided with a free shuttle service from the airport and the center of Budapest. The rest of the guests can be reached by the HÉV local train (line H5), the nearest stop is called Filatorigát.

Sziget, for its unique atmosphere, nicknamed the “European Burning Man”, has not needed advertising for a long time and annually gathers hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world. Over the years, his headliners were Radiohead, Placebo, Kasabian, Hurts, The Prodigy and other popular artists.

Summer music festivals in Poland

Tauron Nowa Muzyka

The festival has been held since 2006 in Katowice. Most often, post-industrial locations, such as old factories, are chosen.

Futuristic sounds are popularized here, so they invite artists who share unusual, sometimes avant-garde ideas. This year the festival was invited, in particular, Wrong Dials, Kraftwerk 3-D, Envee.

The event will be held June 20-22, 2019, and ticket prices start at 199 zlotys.

All the details of the festival are written on its website

Mystic festival

Mystical festival for lovers of strong sounds will be held in Krakow on June 25-26. This year there is an incredible gathering of celebrities: there will be Slipknot, Sabaton, Testament, King Diamond, Amon Amarth, as well as Within Temptation.

Ticket prices start at PLN 459. More information about the festival and its stars here

Festiwal legend rocka

The rock festival in the Charlotte Valley, in Slupsk, will last six days. Every day, two or three groups that were popular in the 80s and 90s of the twentieth century and formed the musical history will appear on the stage.

This year John Fogerty, Foreigner, Status Quo, Los Lobos, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, as well as Thirty Seconds to Mars will appear here.

Concerts will be held: June 29, July 17, 25, 27, August 1 and 3. Tickets are available at a price of 80 PLN.

All festival details on the website

This is probably the most famous Polish festival that takes place annually in Gdynia. Visitors will be waiting on it very soon – July 3-6.

This year, Greta Van Fleet, Kylie Minogue, Interpol, Lil Skies, Octavian, La Dispute, Missio, Death Grips, Lana Del Rey, LP will appear on the scene.

2019 music festivals

Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary

Sighet Festival has been delighting music lovers for 25 years and managed to win hearts with its powerful online ups. At various times, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lily Allen, Kool and the Gang, Boney M, The Prodigy, Snow Patrol, Placebo, Offspring and others performed here. To accommodate a huge number of performers, the organizers hold a festival for a week. You can live in tents brought with you (free of charge if you have a ticket), as well as in paid thematic campsites: Italian camping, eco, family, siesta and others. Prices start at 95 € (≈ 7200 rubles) per person for seven days.

Getting there: The organizers tried: for 9 € (≈ 680 rubles) you can take a shuttle from Liszt Ferenc Airport directly to the festival. For 16 € (≈ 1200 rubles) you can take a round-trip ticket. Schedule can be found here.

Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark

Line-up (list of announced musicians): 30 artists have already confirmed their participation, including The Cure, Tears for Fears, Robyn and others. Another 150 performers are expected.

Ticket price: 2100 Danish kroner (≈ 21 000 rubles) plus tax. Given the high cost, they offer to buy a ticket on an installment plan on the site – you have to pay 210 kroons (≈ 2100 rubles) monthly for 10 months or 350 kroons (≈ 3500 rubles) for six.

Every summer, more than one hundred thousand music lovers gather in the Danish city of Roskilde to set up tents for eight days (you can bring along or reserve a place on the site – information about the cost will be known from January 31) and plunge into the world of music. The most famous North European festival provides the audience with a choice of one of eight scenes (the main stage, orange for headliners, the rest for lesser-known performers).

For all the time of its existence (since 1971), such famous musicians and groups as Bob Marley, U2, Metallica, Nirvana, Radiohead and others managed to perform at the festival.

The best music festivals

Mad Сool Festival, Madrid, Spain

Despite the fact that Mad Cool is a very young festival of pop, rock and alternative music (organized since 2016), it is already considered one of the main events of the European scene and the main rival of the Barcelona Primavera festival. For three years, the organizers managed to gather on the stage all the cult artists – Pearl Jam, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White, Queens of the Stone Age, Depeche Mode, Tame Impala, Kasabian, Nine Inch Nails and others. Camping at the festival is not supposed to be promised to share information about accommodation in the near future. Well, while you can pick up a hotel in Madrid on The festival is supported by the city authorities, who decided that it was time to finally compete with Barcelona for the love of tourists.

How to get there: line 8 metro station Feria de Madrid. In 2018, the metro worked around the clock, we think it will be the same in this.

NOS Alive, Oeiras, Portugal

Music lovers are offered to stay at Lisboa Camping and Bungalows, a campground located just a five-minute walk from the event. The cost of entry and a place for a tent cost quite a bit compared to other festivals (19 € / ≈ 1450 rubles for three nights). A nice bonus: those who bought a place will get a free shuttle to the campground.

How to get there: directly from Lisbon Portela airport (Pç. Aeroporto stop), bus number 750 runs to Algés stop, the fare is 9.5 € (≈ 750 rubles), travel time is 25 minutes. From there, another eight minutes walk to the venue of the festival.


The creative direction is associated exclusively with modern music and its propaganda among a wide audience. Most of the works included in the festival program are first heard in Kazan.

The first festival was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Sofia Gubaidulina. The composer gratefully accepted the idea of ​​holding a contemporary music forum in Kazan. “Now we are experiencing a time favorable only for the art of entertainment. The second form of art is undergoing tremendous difficulties, if not aggressive denial. From this point of view, your desire to support precisely contemporary art and give this project the name “CONCORDIA”, that is, consent, reconciliation, is a very important, albeit difficult step in defense of both types of spiritual activity. I am sure that Kazan listeners are very responsive to what modern artists feel and offer. For me, this festival is an event. This is a great hope, ”Sofia Gubaidulina wrote in greeting to the festival.

The first festivals were attended by Sofia Gubaidulina, David Geringas, Yuri Bashmet, Gia Kancheli, Andrey Eshpay, Ksenia Bashmet. The 2013 festival was dedicated to the anniversaries of B. Britten, K. Penderetsky and L. Bernstein. It was attended by Sergey Nakaryakov, Igor Fedorov, Lukas Genyushas, ​​Rustem Kudoyarov, Andres Mustonen, Christopher Mulds.

The time of the festival in Kazan is November (annually).