The fastest guitar player in the world

The fastest guitar player in the world

Owning a guitar and playing well are two different things. The virtuoso performance of musical compositions on this instrument requires a long and hard practice and, of course, considerable ability. Some guitarists managed to master the art of string instrument so much that they can rightly be called the best. And in order to get the title of “fastest guitar player in the world”, the musicians train on the orchestra sideshow from Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee”. So which of the guitarists managed to get on the pages of the Book of Records for the ability to quickly play this composition?

Victor Zinchuk

He managed to get the title of “fastest guitar player in the world” and get for this on the pages of the Book of Records (in 2002). It was thanks to the fact that Zinchuk played the famous song in 24 seconds, having played twenty notes in a second, he managed to surprise everyone with his quick play. On average, a musician can play 270 sounds in 60 seconds. The musician speaks of his record, which was entered in the famous book, as a joke or pampering, that is, he does not take this seriously. However, the famous guitarist, composer and arranger has various titles in the field of music, is a laureate of many competitions and festivals, and is even recognized as an Honorary Master in San Marino. He is subject to any direction of music, which he uses, forcing his fans to always admire the combination of various instruments and game techniques. The Zinchuk collection contains rare stringed instruments that he brings home from the tour. Every year, world famous manufacturers of musical instruments present musicians with presentations in the form of guitar equipment or the best guitars.

The skill of one of the fastest guitarists in the world is truly amazing, because he does not play with all his fingers, but uses only nine – all this is due to the fact that the little finger on the musician’s right hand is “non-working” because it was broken when playing soccer. Zinchuk perfectly combines playing the guitar with this sport, speaking for a team of celebrities. But now he insures his hands, which are valued at $ 50,000.

Thiago Della Vega

This Brazilian guitarist managed to surpass Zinchuk by setting a new record for the performance of “Flight of the Bumblebee” – he played 320 sounds in 60 seconds (in 2008). However, he was beaten by American John Taylor, who managed to play the famous melody with a speed of 600 sounds in 60 seconds. Della Vega decided not to give up and go around the new record holder, which he managed to do in 2001 – he played “Flight of the Bumblebee” at a speed of 750 sounds in 60 seconds. And for his efforts and practice, the musician began to be called the fastest guitar player in the world and with this title was placed on the pages of the Book of Records.

However, even at this record performance of the composition, Della Vega, who became interested in music in early childhood and learned to play a stringed musical instrument at the age of five, decided not to “go in cycles”, therefore he persistently continues to train his fingers. For this, he even prefers to travel a lot, visiting various countries of the world, where he holds seminars for fellow musicians. In this case, his main assistant is a seven-string guitar, which has twenty-four frets.

Sergey Putyatov

Despite the phenomenal abilities, Della Vega was left behind, as another musician appeared on the “stage”, setting a new speed for the performance of the composition. It turned out to be a resident of Ukraine Sergey Putyatov, who gives out 30 notes per second (while Della Vega only 24 notes). At first, a Donetsk resident could play the famous melody at a speed of 27 notes per second, but very soon he showed the public that he could play faster by issuing three hundred notes in ten seconds. Then Putyatov was immediately awarded a certificate confirming that in Ukraine the musician is the absolute champion in the speed of playing the guitar.

It’s important to note that listening to a fast guitar game can be quite difficult. For this reason, record-breaking performance speeds are usually captured using a computer when audio tracks are split into separate parts. His pupils, who take private lessons from him, encouraged Sergei to set the record. After they noticed how many notes a teacher can play in a minute, he developed a certain excitement and desire to improve in this area. As a result, he managed to set a real record, which he, by the way, is going to “surpass” – now the Ukrainian has outlined for himself that he will issue 36 notes in a second. Maybe the fact is that the result of the Ukrainian is not officially listed in the famous Book of Records, but to get to its pages oh as you want. Therefore, an application has already been received from him, and now the guitarist is waiting for the corresponding commission to visit him. At the moment, Putyatov continues to hone the technique and speed of the game, ending his next performance with a virtuoso guitar playing.

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