“We’re Rolling Fun,” – the Teenager was Nominated for Best Actor in a Musical Theater Competition

“We’re Rolling Fun,” – the Teenager was Nominated for Best Actor in a Musical Theater Competition

The local teen form Naperville was nominated for Statewide Acting Award.

Thanks to the play “We’re rolling fun,” 18-year-old Johnny Rabe was nominated for best actor in a musical theater competition in Illinois. As one of 12 nominees in the Best Actor category, Johnny will compete with actors and theater professionals for a place in the New York Theater Music Awards.

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The actor, born and raised in Naperville, became interested in art in his youth, even at the age of 12, making his way to the Broadway scene in the role of Ralphie in Christmas history.

Musical Theater Competition

“Being in New York and watching what was happening on Broadway was just unbelievable,” Rabe said. “And I really feel that I really found my place, and I know what I want to do. And that make me so happy to realize that I am at the best possible place I could ever been right now.

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All this is created in order to help a person find his place in life. And I already found it. I know who I am, I know who I was born. And I know what place I belong to. I know who I want to be, and that’s in the theater world.”

 “The happiest thing I ever feel is when I perform on stage and when I can contact one of the viewers, or I have an idea that, in my opinion, is very important, or how to say something important for listeners,” he said.

Illinois Music Theater Awards will be held June 4 in Chicago. If Johnny wins, he will represent Illinois at the National Musical Theater Award Ceremony on June 25th.

Johnny continued to participate in the scene and even moved to the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts in high school. He will complete his studies in just a week and plans to continue his passion for performing at Stanford University in the fall, doubling his specialty in international relations and theater.

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